Magna-Tinsley plan aims to better connect residents to public transport

Connecting Sheffield has launched a new project to provide better access to public transport for local residents to travel around and between Magna, Tinsley, and Meadowhall.

Plans for the Magna-Tinsley project include improved cycling and walking routes that can make it easier for people to make journeys by circle or on foot.

A spokesperson from the Connecting Sheffield Team said: “Magna-Tinsley project aims to provide realistic and attractive alternative options to better connect the citizens of Tinsley and Rotherham to important centres of employment, retail, and leisure.

“This will reduce the reliance on cars for local travel and providing better infrastructure for those who don’t own a private vehicle.”

Paths for cycling and walking along Blackburn Meadows Way will be improved. A cycle track along this road will connect to the walking and circling route on Sheffield Road.

The spokesperson added: “A segregated cycle route, and improved footpaths and red crossings are designed to help people travel safer, easier and more convenient.”

The scheme of improved cycle and walking roads along Sheffield Road will include a proposed new Tram Train stop at Magna.

The spokesperson said: “The new tram stop and an associated Park & Ride facility will enable local citizens to get access to Meadowhall, Sheffield, Rotherham, Parkgate and their onward transport links.

“Making cycling and walking a more attractive and safe option will contribute to a reduction in car usage and play a vital part in addressing air pollution in the area.”

There are around 176 comments from Sheffield residents about this scheme on the Connect Sheffield Website. Most comments are positive about this scheme.

One resident commented: “I would like to see the inclusion of more new green spaces in this plan.

“A green verge could be added to increase biodiversity in the area.”

The Magna-Tinsley project is aimed to be delivered by March 2023. More details on when this scheme would be delivered will be shared in due course once plans are progressed further.







Written by Yue Jiang

First year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield

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