Ningxia hit by the worst sandstorm in a decade

The northwest of China, Ningxia was covered in orange dust as it experienced the worst sandstorm in a decade.

In the early morning of today (15th), the Ningxia Meteorological Observatory issued an orange warning signal for sandstorms. 

Affected by the sandstorm, the visibility in Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia and other places are less than 500 meters and only about 200 meters in some areas.

Niu Qiaogang, CCTV reporter said: “Starting early this morning, Ningxia choked in the strongest sandstorm since 2011. The traffic control department of Ningxia issued information to control some important highways at 5:50 this morning.”

He said: “The visibility might be only 50 meters at some highway intersections in the early morning. By 9 o’clock, the highway traffic control has been lifted, and the entire highway in Ningxia is currently unblocked.”

Because of the reduced visibility due to sandstorms, people’s travel has also been affected.

Wang Hui, a citizen of Ningxia said: “The strong sandstorms have a huge impact on our way to work. We drive slowly on the road, and we usually walk to work instead of driving or taking a bus.”

According to the meteorological department, the sandstorm has gradually weakened. By tonight, the whole dusty weather should be over. However, the windy and sandy weather will continue until tomorrow.

Zhang Bihui, director of the Environmental Meteorological Center of the China Meteorological Administration pointed out that the source of this rare sandstorm was not formed in China, but in Mongolia.

Ningxia, Northwest China is rich in sand sources, the temperature in the early period was relatively high and the precipitation was relatively low. Which caused the strong sandstorm weather.

The local government reminded the public to check the weather in advance, check the condition of the car, close the windows and wear a mask before going out.

People must remember to slow down and control the distance between vehicles while driving to avoid traffic accidents.

Written by Siyu Ma

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