Sheffield Campaigners win £183,000 funding for trees and green spaces

Sheffield City Council has been awarded £183,319 in funding from the Woodland Trust after a campaign by the Sheffield Tree Action Group (STAG).

The funding will go the cities ‘Treevitalise’ project which looks to engage communities in protecting and restoring woodland.

A STAG statement said: “Three years ago this would have been unimaginable. The Woodland Trust provided fantastic support to Sheffield campaigners in the fight to save healthy street trees. Now they’re supporting Our Sheffield to plant more trees.”

John Tucker, director of woodland outreach for the trust said: “The Woodland Trust has launched an Emergency Tree Fund to provide vital funding to help make these green projects a reality.”

The Trust has pledged to plant 50 million more trees by 2025 and this money for Sheffield comes as part of a £2.9 million spending blitz across 11 UK authorities.

Andy Bond of the Woodland Trust said: “This funding gives the tools for Sheffield City council to plant trees and decide where trees will be planted. It will also give people a chance to get involved in planting trees,

Mr. Bond praised the commitment of Sheffield City Council , saying: “We’ve worked closely with Sheffield and built up a good relationship with the council. They seem to be wanting to plant trees for all the right reasons.”

The funding is a major boost to green campaigners in Sheffield and Mr. Bond hailed their hard work , saying: “They’ve done amazing work in helping to preserve the trees on Sheffield Street.”

Written by Liam Fitzpatrick

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