BREAKING : £860m New Deal for South Yorkshire Mayor announces

A huge £860m is to be ploughed into South Yorkshire in a bid to  revitalise the economy and to transform the region.

Sheffield City Regional Mayor Dan said the new deal will unleash South Yorkshire’s future potential, delivering recovery and renewal for the pandemic.

Mayor Dan Jarvis added he and his leaders are “‘rewriting the rule book” to counteract the economic challenge posed by Covid.

It is said that the boost will be invested in millions of jobs, train workers and apprentices to get them back into business and grow in the region.

He said: “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. despite the challenges Covid throws at us, our plan sets a crystal clear message of ambition and confidence.

“South Yorkshire is open for business and ready to prosper.”

It is said that the New deal is made up of £358m MCA funding for South Yorkshire’s recovery in 2021/2022 providing direct support for helping young People find apprenticeships and jobs, help for businesses to eventually survive and thrive, and to help people moving via better transport by foot, bus, train and bike.

Mayor Dan Jarvis also said: “we are working to create a stronger, greener, fairer South Yorkshire for all – delivering not just recovery, but renewal. not just a bigger economy, but a better one.”

The South Yorkshire Renewal Fund is due to be considered for approval by the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined authority following the arranged meeting on the 22nd March.

Julie Wilson, 28, from Rotherham said: “I think the money will be really good for Sheffield, I have young children, and it will give me peace of mind that their chances of getting a job when their older will not be permanently affected by the pandemic, especially as Sheffield has much more job opportunities than here (Rotherham).”

We also got reaction from Jack Eagles, 19, and student from the University Of Sheffield who said: “As a student I rely on transport to get around the city. I do not have a car which makes getting around Sheffield more difficult. I feel like some of the money being put into public transport will mean the buses and trains will be more accessible. I feel this will be highly beneficial to all students.”


Written by Toria Christie

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