Parking on Sheffield’s Division Street ‘dangerous and inconsiderate’

Cars have been parking illegally on the road and pavements of Division Street making it unsafe and difficult for cyclists and pedestrians, business owners have said.

Division Street is a narrow city centre road that has two road lanes with a lot of retail business, restaurants and bars for people. 

One business told ShefLive that delivery cars serving businesses located on the street and nearby have been parking on pavements, leaving no space for people to walk.

They claim no parking enforcement officers have been seen around and no illegally parked car have been fined. 

A spokesperson for EYEYE Optician, located on Division and Devonshire Street, said restaurants and businesses should “work with delivery people” to correct the issue.

He said: “The parking is dangerous and in-considerate.”

Cycle Sheffield, a voluntary organisation, ran a trial pedestrianisation of Division Street and Devonshire Street in October 2019, with cycle access, to provide the public with safer space to move around the street.

The organisation was charged more than £1,000 to suspend parking for two days to compensate Sheffield City Council for loss of parking revenue. 

Dexter Johsntone, 38, Cycle Sheffield’s secretary said: “We weren’t very happy about it as we are voluntary group with no income except donations  

“Now it appears SCC aren’t charging people to park on Division Street at all, or enforcing the parking restrictions there.” 

During the trial pedestrianisation of Division Street no motor vehicles were allowed, this provided an opportunity to see how the street would operate as car free space and the opportunities for businesses located on the street. 

Neil Hargreaves, from the Sheffield Videos Youtube Channel, 50, said: “I think that it would be fantastic to revolutionise Division Street with permanent pedestrianisation.

“It would be fantastic to see restaurants, cafes and bars with outdoor seating down the middle of it creating a brand new social hub there in the city centre to enjoy.

“Im sure Sheffielders would be proud of a pedestrianised area like this once it’s in place and being used”

Angie Havenhand, Senior Civil Enforcement Officer from Sheffield City Council, said: “I have had officers attend Division Street today (Wednesday) regarding the parking issues.

“Most of the work done on the highway is part of the pedestrian access to make it easier to pass with plenty of distance between people.”

Written by Liliya Arutyunyan

Trainee journalist at the University of Sheffield

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