Charity working with NHS to provide COVID vaccines for homeless people

As 22.5 million people in the UK have received their first COVID vaccine, a Sheffield-based charity is ensuring that homeless people aren’t left behind.

Emily Bowes, from the Cathedral Archer Project, said: “At the Cathedral Archer Project we have been open throughout the pandemic providing support to homeless adults in Sheffield. 

“At the moment we are working with the NHS to provide the Covid vaccine to those we support.

“We have worked with multiple agencies and organisations across the city. Without them, we could not have done the work we did in the first lockdown.”

Although Government figures show the average daily rough sleeping in Sheffield has decreased from 26 people in 2019 to 24 in 2020, the ongoing pandemic is making it difficult for local charities such as the Cathedral Archer Project (CAP) and Emmaus to support them.

 Many charities have struggled to raise funds during the lockdown, as donations have been limited and shops have been forced to close. 

Lesley Morgan, Community Leader at Emmaus Sheffield, said: “The pandemic has been particularly challenging for us as a project, with mental health escalating in the majority of our companions. 

Our Social Enterprise has been closed since Christmas now, this is what funds our Community, so money has been tight. We have developed our skills on E-bay and are therefore able to sell goods this way.  

“We did some fundraising last year, but the government guidelines have prevented us this time. We do have a website with a Just Giving page for any donations. 

“When we are open again, hopefully on 12 April, people can donate their unwanted clothes and furniture to us.”

Ms Bowes said that the best way to help homeless people is to support an organisation in the city that works with them, so you are supporting not just one individual in the short term, but the whole community for the long-term.

It is best to not give money to rough sleepers or those who beg but rather acknowledge them and if you feel comfortable have a chat. There is more information on how you can help more generally on the ´Help us Help´ website. 


Written by Elena Baeza Ruso

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