Lennie’s Tunes: An Incredible Story That Teaches Nothing Should Hold You Back.

Lennie Street is an 8-year-old boy who has Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus. Last summer he wowed the country with his ability to play the piano, now less than a year one he has raised more than £19,000.

Hydrocephalus is a build-up of fluid in the brain, which impacts his memory, learning, understanding and requires Lennie to have a shunt in his brain to drain the fluid away.

Despite this, last summer he amazed the country with his ability to play the piano.

His mum, Sally Street said: ” Music was always important to him.

“He uses to communicate, to express himself, to interact with people.

“When he can’t find the words music seems to be the bridge between him and other people.”

He appeared on BBC Breakfast, Sky Sports and featured in a range of newspapers and articles who were taken aback by his talent.

In a time where the country was at its lowest, Lennie provided the joy and light which many of us needed.

Ms. Street said: “I’m just grateful people have seen Lennie’s capabilities.

“It’s important to me not to put the barriers too low and to have the ethos that anything, with the right support, accessibility, and will, is possible.”

All of this was in aid of raising money for his school, Paces Sheffield, so they could build a new home and center for all the children who attend.

Ms. Street said: “It [Paces Sheffield] means everything to us. They lift a weight off your shoulders.

So much of what they do is to teach the kids how to be as independent as possible. They leave the wheelchairs at the door and give the kids time to understand what it means to be as independent as possible.

As parents, you then start thinking maybe they can do more than what we thought and that the future doesn’t hold quite so many barriers.”

In the fundraising campaign, ‘A new home for Paces’, Lennie has raised a remarkable £19,135, blowing their original target of, £750, out the water.

He has also obtained the support of some famous faces such as Jools Holland, Rufus Wainwright, Nitin Sawhney and was even wished happy birthday to by no other than Hark Hamill.

“Ms. Street said: “It’s a massive boost to his self-esteem.

“As a disabled child, it’s hard to see when you’re doing something really well but having lots of validation from people he knows, or strangers on social media is a really powerful thing.

“For other people who don’t know you to say well done and take an interest in you really pushes his boundaries and makes him think to himself, there’s nothing you cant do.”

Lennie is a true inspiration to us all.

He proves that nothing should ever hold you back and that no matter who you are or what your situation is, anything can be achieved if you believe in yourself.

Lennie’s fundraiser may soon be coming to an end but his journey and the impact he has had on other people’s lives are only just beginning.


Written by Josh Bailey

A former writer/social media producer for Maidstone United & The Spurs Express. Trainer Presenter at Hospital Broadcasting Sheffield. Host on "The US3 Podcast."

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