Mental health to be tackled by Sheffield City Council and the University Mental Health day

A day to support young mental health suffers in the city was launched this week,  after figures revealed by Sheffield City Council that Covid-19 has increased mental health illnesses by 40%,

Sheffield City Council have stated that Coronavirus has been most damaging to young people and children who make up a majority of the waiting lists for the NHS when it comes to mental health in a recent committee.

A Primary Care survey indicated that there was a 60% increase in depression and anxiety consultations, with 60% of responders to a Sheffield flourish survey said that their mental health got worse during the pandemic.

The Students Mind team set out a clear plan to tackle mental illness during the Coronavirus pandemic setting out their goals and plans during the University Mental Health day which was yesterday, Thursday.

The Students Mind team, organisers of University Mental Health day, said: “We want to remind students that it is okay to find things difficult from time to time, or to feel angry or frustrated or lost.”

Extra resources and a new task group are being created to in order to prevent long term mental effects on the young people and children.

Mental health services for young people and children are severely underfunded, the Sheffield City Council have planned to place more support for these groups in their recent Scrutiny Committee while reporting on the effects of Coronavirus on mental health.

Online teaching was said to be the biggest problem among students in the University of Sheffield when asked about the declining mental health with students claiming that they feel isolated and alone without face to face contact with others.

Mollie Mellor, criminology student, 19, said: ” I have not contacted anyone for help. I would rather meet face-to-face for support as part of the issue is that everything is online.”

The Students Union and Residence Life both publish resources to help students on a day to day basis making constant updates to promote mental wellbeing to everyone who goes to the University.

University Mental Health day happened yesterday and support is offered to those who text ‘STUDENT at 85258.



Written by Dominik Ochnio

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