Tesco Store organises Easter collection for hospital patients

Tesco Infirmary Road Superstore has launched an Easter egg collection to support patients at Sheffield Children’s Hospital during Easter.

Customers can donate any Easter treats, which can be bought in store, by placing them in special trolleys. The Children’s Hospital Charity (TCHC) also encourages people to donate brand new craft or colouring materials for patients in the hospital who cannot eat chocolate or sweets.

Simon Kern, a 32-year-old Team Manager at Tesco Infirmary Road, said: “I think it’s a lovely gesture. As a dad myself, that meant a lot to us when we got given gifts when my child was in hospital during Christmas.

“Even if it’s just a little Easter egg, it means a lot, especially to people going through hard times like COVID or when one parent is working, and the other one is at the hospital with the child.”

TCHC will donate goods to the hospital at the end of the month.

Tesco Infirmary Road has been working with TCHC since 2016. Over the years, its fundraising has repeatedly helped the hospital, including funding four colourful and exciting lifts within the hospital and a new bedroom within the hospital’s new wing.

From left to right – Matt Gollick, Carol Gollick & Mark Kanaris

The recent funds have helped to transform the Cancer and Leukaemia Ward at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Sophie Coburn, a 24-year-old Corporate Partnerships Officer at TCHC, said: “We are so grateful for the incredible support Tesco Infirmary Road has given to us. They continue to go above and beyond and get involved with many projects the charity are working on.

“Team Theo wouldn’t be the same without them. A special mention to Carol Gollick, community champion, who is an amazing person and has been paramount to this growing partnership.”

TCHC is the only NHS children’s organisation providing such a broad range of services, from the most intensive emergency care to support for families in the community and at home.

Mrs Coburn said that small fundraisers are helping to transform Sheffield Children’s Hospital and build a better future for many patients.

If you’re interested in supporting the fundraising, please visit the website: www.tchc.org.uk.

Written by Kamila Swierszcz

Second-year Journalism student at The University of Sheffield

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