International students face dilemmas on when to return to Sheffield

International students at the University of Sheffield have experienced great difficulties in returning to the university ahead of the upcoming lift of lockdown restrictions.

Students overseas told ShefLive they are finding it difficult to find flights to get them back to Sheffield in time for face-to-face teaching on April 19.

Eric Hsiao, 22, a student from Taiwan, said: ”It is easier to get on online teaching than getting a flight ticket to return the university.”

Many countries have reduced their flights to the UK because of the pandemic outbreak, which generally affected the international students to continue their study abroad.

“I just cannot accept that there is only one flight a week from my departure to the UK,” said Mr Hsiao.

Besides the difficulties in obtaining a flight, international students are required to take the negative covid-19 test and quarantined at a hotel for 10 days, which they have to fund themselves, according to the latest rules published by the government that increases their financial burden.

Amy Gao, a student at the Management School at the University of Sheffield said: “The obstacle and quarantine rules are so overwhelming that I would rather gap until the pandemic ends.”

To support the students deprived of face-to-face teaching, the University of Sheffield has collaborated with Hainan Airlines to provide additional international flights to international students in China.

In addition, International Student Support is ready to help the international students facing any problems and obstacles.

The university concerns students’ wellbeing and safety in first hand, international students are allowed to study distantly due to complex reasons with informing the department.

The Student Union is campaigning for the tuition refunds for students.

The Chinese Students and Scholarship Association (CSSA) also aims to help Chinese students to provide the latest policy announcement and medical supplies to Chinese students.

Zilu Chen, the editor of CSSA, said: “The pandemic separates us in different destinations, but we are ready to help all students to give them a helping hand to overcome the difficulties.”

Coronavirus information for international students:–Advice/Studying–living-in-the-UK/Coronavirus-Covid-19-info-for-international-students


Written by Yue Zhou

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