Spring starts early in China as thousands of flowers blossom

Thousands of hectares of all sorts of flowers have blossomed early across the mountains in China’s Jiangxi Province this year.

Pink, crimson and white flowers are a welcome sign of Spring for visitors at a verdant flower garden named the Sun Valley in Jiangxi, the flowers include Spring Crabapple flower, red plum, cherry blossom and azalea.

Wang Hanxu, 48, a staff member of the Sun Valley, said: “The flower season has advanced nearly half a month earlier than in previous years thanks to the rising air temperature.

“We have more than 6,500 strains of red plum, 200 strains of Crabapple flower and some other kinds of flowers which have all entered their prettiest season.” 

Tourists flooded into the area this week after hearing about the incredible floral display. 

Additionally, because the country is enjoying the Chinese Lantern Festival holiday, the tourist crowds are at a maximum, and many of them came here with their families and friends.

Yu Jiaxin, 23, a local university student, said she had planned to visit the Sun Valley for a long time because she wanted to film a short video in the beauty spot to upload to her own Weibo and Tiktok account to get more followers.

She said: “ This is a wonderful tourist destination around the neighboring urban area of the provincial capital city for citizens to enjoy the amazing blooming view of flowers and the leisure moment. ”

Although the early flowers have attracted tourists, the warm weather has meant that some blooms have already finished their life cycle. Altogether 6,000 strains of calyx canthus have almost faded after a very short flourishing season.

The head of the scenic area said that in order to enrich the tourism business in Jiangxi Province, the research team introduced different flower species from other provinces successively, and the Sun Valley is now the biggest plum garden in the province after ten years of careful nurturing.

He also said that he hopes the valley will become a place that everyone can feel emotionally and mentally at peace, especially after going through a very tough year of fighting the coronavirus.

He said: “Once you’ve been able to relax, you should be in a better position to address whatever stressful moments you’ve gone through, enjoying the splendour of spring in our country and restart aiming for a better year.”

Written by Rui Li

Student journalist at The University of Sheffield

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