Podcast launches in Sheffield to tackle food waste

A podcast which will feature a series of special guests all talking about how to improve food waste and sustainability has been launched this week.

It is part of a campaign called Waste Ends With Us which was launched yesterday by a group of Sheffield Hallam students called The Sustainability Series in partnership with city charity Food Works Sheffield.

The launch of the podcast and the campaign coincides with Food Waste Action Week which runs from 1 March to 7 March.

It will bring together citizens and organisations from retail, manufacturing, local government, hospitality and across industry to demonstrate the impact of wasted food on people, on business, and on the planet.

Roberta Soava, from The Sustainability Series, said: “We started this campaign as our final year project and I can say I’m extremely happy to be supporting such an amazing organisation, especially because I’ve always been concerned about my own food waste.

“I didn’t know it was such a big issue in the UK and globally so I’m very excited for the message to go out there and hopefully people will take it with open arms.”

The campaign will include engaging and educational content about food waste, as well as the four-part podcast series every Friday at noon.

The podcast aims to look at food sustainability from different points of view and welcomes different guests each week, while hosting fun competitions and sharing food surplus recipes.

Finn Bailey, also from The Sustainability Series, said: “When Food Works approached us with the opportunity to work with them I was honoured.

“They’re a truly amazing organisation doing great things for the people of Sheffield whilst fighting to reduce food waste in the UK, how could I not be in awe.”

The group also wants to encourage recurring donations for Food Works, so they can save food from going into landfill and feed the Sheffield community with food that doesn’t have to ‘cost the Earth’.

You can donate to the charity by clicking on the link below and you can also be entered into a competition to win a kitchen hamper.

A spokesperson for Food Works Sheffield said: “We are really excited to be working with all the Hallam Events groups and excited to see their campaigns in action.”

More information is available on Instagram at  @sustainability.series or by searching Sustainability Series on Facebook or LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn: Sustainability Series

To donate visit www.thefoodworks.org/shop/recurring-donation




Written by Madison Burgess

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