Sheffield one of the top cities for instagrammed street art

Sheffield has been found to be one of the top cities for Instagrammed street art behind the likes of London and Manchester.

The city may well be renowned for its steel industry but it also has a creative streak. Sheffield has been made into a vibrant attraction with the brilliant art work scattered across the city.

Data was collected by using the #Sheffieldstreetart to see how many posts have been made. The city has 26.7k posts under this hashtag, coming in behind Manchester that has 29k and London with 496k posts.

It isn’t hard to find street art around Sheffield with murals painted on the sides of derelict buildings, pubs, construction site boards and shop shutters.

Many artists such as Kid Acne, Mila K, Faunagraphic, Dan Cimmerman, Julian Wright and Bubba2000art have contributed to adding a splash of colour to the urban cityscape.

“Sheffield is a place where creatives can really express themselves”, said Julian Wright a local artist.

The response to art work around Sheffield has overall been positive. Mr Wright said that the public love the work he creates.

It is clear that social media has helped art to prosper within the city, allowing it to reach people across the country and spreading the work and talents of local artists.

Mr Wright said: “Instagram has been a great tool” in helping his art reach more people.

The street artists use the city to their advantage, they work from what the city offers them.

“The area of course inspires us, it is our canvas”, said Mr Wright.


Written by Ella McDermott

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