Sheffield GP Shares 11-Month Battle With Coronavirus

A Sheffield GP urged everyone to receive the covid vaccine after her tough, 11-month battle with a case of long-term Covid-19.

Dr Lisa Philip, GP and Elected GP for NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group’s Governing Body took matters into her own hands this week as she revealed her battle with long-term Coronavirus.

She stated: “I’ve now had the covid vaccine and would advise everyone to do the same, I had some side effects and felt run down for a couple of days but this is nothing compared to the devastating impact covid could have on your life.  

“Being vaccinated greatly reduces the severity of your symptoms if you do contract covid and it’s the best defence in our fight against this awful virus.”

Dr Lisa Philip created awareness surrounding the vaccination and the scheme in an attempt to convince those who are still opposed to it. She provided an important, emotional account into her battle with the virus.

Her battle with Covid-19 made national news headlines as ITV covered her story, spreading vital, national awareness of the vaccine.

A huge proportion of the population has agreed with Dr Lisa Phillp as 163,000 in Sheffield have received their first dose of the Covid jab.

The latest Coronavirus vaccination figures in Sheffield make for good reading as it progresses day by day. With the number increasing dramatically following the expansion of the scheme which has seen the clinically vulnerable and over 60s receiving their vaccine.

In addition, the latest figures from GOV.UK demonstrate an overall decrease in the rate of the number of cases in Sheffield per 100,000 which now sits at 133 as of the 23rd February.

Furthermore, with Sheffield’s help, the UK is maintaining the fastest vaccination programme in Europe which has seen 20 million receive their first vaccination dose (GOV.UK).

The government continues to encourage those over the age of 60 to receive the vaccination, if you are a part of this group or any of those previously stated by the government, then you can continue to book a vaccine appointment.

To book a coronavirus test or vaccination visit the NHS website or contact your local GP.



Written by Huw Richards

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