Vaccines and falling transmission rates brings hope to Sheffield residents

The rate of Covid-19 infections is continuing to fall in Sheffield as vaccine efforts and national lockdown continues, according to Sheffield’s Director of Public Health.

As of  Wednesday, rates of infection within the Sheffield area have fallen with 120 people per 100,000 testing positive. The Office of National Statistics have also shared data of falling national levels, which may have a further impact on decreasing Sheffield’s rate of transmission.

The government’s recently-revealed four-stage roadmap out of lockdown plans to open various services in intervals, relying on four tests to prove their effectiveness: continued successful vaccine deployment, evidence of effective vaccines, lowering infection rate, and government assessment being unchanged by new variants of concern.

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health Sheffield said: “Clearly it’s great news but for now I think my ask is to remember nothing has changed- we are still in lockdown.

“As of today, rates are still high and rates are going down quite slowly so it’s important that everyone continues to follow the rules.

“We do want a light at the end of the tunnel but equally we don’t want another surge in infections and the potential for this is there.”

Falling infection rates also have promising signs regarding Covid-19 vaccination, with all over 80’s having been vaccinated. In Sheffield 163,000 people have been vaccinated so far, with current vaccination groups being 16-65 year olds with an underlying health condition, as well as all 65-69 year olds.

Mr Fell said: “Collective action has made a difference, continues to make a difference, and I think we will be in that space for some time to come.

“Thank-you Sheffielders for your continued efforts, because it really does make a difference.”



Written by Abbie Howell

First year Journalist at the University of Sheffield! Words in Liberty Belle, Forge Press and the Hysteria Collective

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