Popular Norwegian cafe closes its doors for good


A popular Torvbyen cafe has closed its doors after 16 years after the owners failed to withstand the pressures of Covid-19.

On Monday afternoon, Café Planken announced in a statement on Facebook that they had been forced to close down the café.

The owner’s wrote in the post: “It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that we see no other solution than to go into bankruptcy.

“Unfortunately, this affects both our great employees with families, the fine cleaning company that keeps the premises clean and our suppliers. We are very sorry for that.”

Former employee Isolde Winlund, 20, said she was upset when she heard about the news.

She added: “I thoroughly enjoyed working there. I got to create relations with customers who would come regularly and to work in a safe and fun environment.

“It was a place for everyone, especially the elderly. I cannot help but to feel sorry for them

“It probably means a lot to them to socialise with others. Therefore, it is incredibly sad to see that being taken away from them.”

According to public accounting information the company, which is registered under the name Herr Jansen AS, had a tough year in 2019.

However, the owner stated that the café got a lot of support and thanked loyal customers, employees and partners.

They added: “We believe that everything will be alright, and we are confident that local business will flourish after the crisis.

“We promise to shop locally because we want to keep the shops in our city, and we know that is what it takes.”

The cafe’s owners were approached for comment.






Written by Hanna Karlsen

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