Some students set to return to university in Sheffield as covid lockdown eases

Some practical courses at the University of Sheffield are set to resume in person teaching after Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday.

In his address, he revealed that education settings will be the first to open on 8 March which include university courses that require practical teaching and on-site assessments. All other courses will continue online until further assessment.

The University of Sheffield has reached out to students to let them know that they are aware of the government’s decision and they should be contacted shortly be departments that will be reintroducing on-site teaching. 

Harvey Hodgson, a University of Sheffield student, said:”It feels good to know that we’re being thought of – especially with how long students have been avoided in press conferences with Boris Johnson.”

Ellie Fish, a University of Sheffield student, said: ”It’s still not clear whether we are actually going to be able to go back to face-to-face teaching. It is a pretty vague announcement. So it’s not exactly what you want hear when you want to get back to uni.”

The University is awaiting further guidelines released by the government on when all in-person teaching can be resumed.

Written by Madhubani Jana

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