Sheffield celebrates first ever online lunar new year event

Community leaders have expressed their thanks after Chinese New Year celebrations were held online for the first time ever.

Wanlin Luo, 44, one of the organisers of the important event, held earlier this month, said this is the 18th year of hosting the Chinese New Year Gala, but 2021 had been a very special year.

She said: “This year’s Covid-19 pandemic has been a disaster for all, including businesses and enterprises.

“But there is a way out of all difficulties and our team can work miracles to make the Spring Festival as good as possible.”

After two weeks of online preparation and with the help of the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester, the City Council and two local universities, the Chinese New Year Gala finally went off without a hitch and most of the Chinese students were on time for this traditional show.

Xiyuan Zheng, Council General of the Chinese consulate said: “In the fight against the Coronavirus, the Chinese community in West Yorkshire, the University of Sheffield and all Chinese students actively donated to support the NHS and helped the underprivileged.

“At the same time, they really felt the kindness and care of the British people, fully reflecting the unity of the British diverse society.”

The Lord-Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, Andrew Coombe, also expressed his gratitude and anticipation at the New Year’s Gala.

Mr Coombe said: ” We have always had a very good relationship with the Chinese community in Sheffield and a significant number of students come to study at our university and make a huge contribution to our economy.

“I hope the vaccine will be introduced soon so we can get back to our normal way of life.”

Dr Malcolm Butler, the vice president of the University of Sheffield, said: “There are many Chinese students who are actively involved in our international community at the university and the value we can get from this is innumerable.

“For those who on the online course lasting for a year, I hope you can come back next year.”




Written by Aolin Cheng

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