New Care home restrictions leave families disappointed.


Families have criticised the new covid rule which leaves care home residents with only one regular indoor visitor each.

From the 8th March, care home residents will only be allowed to have one regular indoor visitor which has left families torn. The decision is now left to families to decide who will have the privilege of visiting their loved one.

Sheffield resident, Sue Lavill said: “My mum’s in a nursing home at Cotleigh Sheffield. We have had 8 visits in 12 months, the last one was on Christmas Day. The new rule is awful. There are 3 of us so how do we pick which one sees mum and who’s not allowed? She’s forgetting us with her dementia, so sad”.

Visitors will have to take a coronavirus test and will have to wear PPE before entering care homes. Residents won’t be allowed to hug or kiss their relatives however they will be allowed to hold hands.

Since the start of the pandemic care homes have been neglected and put to the side increasing the frustration of certain individuals with this new rule.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, told the BBC: “ We need to make sure we keep the infection rate down, to allow greater visiting in a step-by-step way in the future”.




Written by Keren Ossou

Trainee Journalist at the University of Sheffield.

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