Sheffield charity launches new sites for sustainable food boxes

A charity feeding Sheffield with grocery boxes and healthy, fresh meals is due to open two new partner hubs.

Food Works Sheffield is launching hubs in Darnall and Broomhall, this week and next week, bringing them to a total of 11 hubs across the region. The charity said the coronavirus pandemic had made accessing food  more difficult for some people, and it want to tackle this problem.

Volunteers are cooking 1,000 meals a week and are offering free meals to any child who needs them.

Josie McCullen, Development and Engagement Manager at Food Works, said: “Our primary goal is to build a sustainable food system that doesn’t harm our environment and means that everyone can access food.”

She said that throughout the pandemic they have completely reshaped operations and expanded their grocery box and cooked meal offer to provide over 60,000 boxes and meals to residents.

In the future, they are planning to develop their reach and engagement with the communities where they are already based. Moving towards the summer they hope to continue to expand their network of partner hubs further.

Ingredients are sourced from local farms and surplus food from businesses. Several different meals are available, including regular, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan and low allergen meals.

A minimum donation of £1 is needed for the food service, making it affordable and accessible for many people. This is available through a weekly subscription service or an individual purchase through the website.

A customer of Food Works, Laura Ainger, said: “I find it so simple to access as it is so well organised. The volunteers do an amazing job at advising of the food choices and having the veg boxes made up ready.

“I’m always gobsmacked at the volume of food that would otherwise go into landfill so after going once, I have made this part of my weekly routine.”

The charity is mainly self-funding and is supported through customers who pay more than the minimum donation fee, people who make one-off donations and importantly the volunteers who cook, work in warehouses and help with events.

To find your nearest hub, or to donate go to


Written by Nadia Lincoln

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