Sheffield Animal Centre pleads for donations to fix damaged ceiling

A city animal rescue centre which fears it could close due to funding issues was hit with a new blow when a major water leak seriously damaged the ceiling.

The leak appeared last night in one of the RSPCA Sheffield branch Animal Centre kennel blocks on Stadium Way, and resulted in ceiling coming down.  

Last week, the charity put out an urgent appeal to raise money for fixing heating in the building, as well as to maintain the work they are doing in general.

A member of the organisation said on Facebook: “We really could have done without something like this as we are still trying to raise the funds to repair our underfloor heating.” 

The local charity, which works independently from the national RSPCA, has struggled with finances throughout the pandemic. 

On its website, the charity said: ”Due to government guidelines and safety measures, we are unable to hold events, cutting our vital income dramatically and donations are falling.” 

Despite tough circumstances, the charity continues to provide animal welfare services. 

Hayley, a behaviorist with RSPCA Sheffield said in a Facebook video: “There is no help out there for charities, especially animal welfare organisations, but we are still expected to be here and are still here for the animals that need us.”

Many people decided to help RSPCA Sheffield by sharing their own fundraising campaigns on Facebook.

Emma Lee, one of the volunteer fundraisers, said: “After speaking to my friend who knows someone working for the RSPCA and hearing how bad things were, I decided to help.”

You can donate to the organisation via RSPCA Sheffield Branch official website or via charity’s Facebook page.

Written by Vitalii Yalahuzian

Journalism student at the University of Sheffield

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