Police warn drivers ‘insure your vehicle or we will seize it’

South Yorkshire Police have warned drivers their vehicles will be seized if they fail to insure them after thousands of cars were seized last year.

Almost 4,000 drivers in South Yorkshire had their vehicles seized last year for driving with no insurance.

South Yorkshire Police said drivers who engage in pursuits with officers often commit “more than having no insurance”.

Roads Policing Sergeant Bruce Yacomeni said: “We often find those who are willing to drive without insurance are more likely to take further risks on our roads and drive without the correct documents, an un-road worthy car or dangerously and at speed.

“We want to remove these drivers off the road.”

Sgt Yacomeni said: “These drivers have no regard for their own or other road users safety.”

Roads Policing officers have re-emphasised that insurance is a “legal requirement” for anyone using their vehicle on roads as it is designed to “protect victims of road traffic collisions”.

A total of 3,923 vehicles were seized across South Yorkshire in 2020 and a further 325 were seized last month.

Sgt Yacomeni said: “The other type of drivers are the ones who believe they are insured but their policy is invalid, or they have not declared their points and convictions; these drivers will face the same legal penalties as anyone else.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Please insure your vehicle and for those who already have an existing policy please double check the details are correct and the cover is appropriate for your driving purpose.”

“Ensuring your policy is up to date and you have valid insurance can also help reduce our officers’ interactions during the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring better safety for all.”






Written by Cameron Greenlees

Journalism student at The University of Sheffield

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