South Yorkshire Police urge people to remain alert to threat of fraud

South Yorkshire Police have urged people to remain alert to the threat of fraud after a Sheffield resident almost lost £11, 000 to courier fraudsters.

According to the police, the victim was targeted by fraudsters claiming to be from New Scotland Yard.

They attended three banks to withdraw separate amounts of money from their victim’s account.

The fraudsters used a false story to get past security but police officers intervened before any money could be withdrawn.

DS Sam Erabadda, part of South Yorkshire Police’s fraud co-ordination team, said: “Victims of courier fraud tend to be elderly or vulnerable and it can be very distressing for them to realise that someone has exploited their goodwill in this way.

“I’d ask everybody to be extremely suspicious of unsolicited phone calls from your bank or the police.

“If you think you are on the phone to a fraudster, hang up the phone straightaway and then call back your bank, or the police, on a different phone line or mobile, on a trusted number.

“If you can’t use a different phone, wait at least 30 minutes before calling in case the fraudster has stayed on the line.”

Courier fraud involves victims receiving phone calls from a criminal pretending to be the police or another official organisation, who claim there is an issue with the victim’s bank account.

There are several types of courier fraud, and previous scams have involved victims being told to withdraw large amounts of foreign currency, or purchase high value items such as watches.

South Yorkshire Police have urged the public to report courier fraud to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at

People are also urged to call 999 if someone has arrived at your home to collect money, a bank card or other valuables.


Written by Nelson Walker

Second Year BA Journalism Studies student at The University of Sheffield. Blog writer for Motion Exercise. Forge Press and Forge Radio contributor.

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