Whirlow Hall Farm Trust chosen to benefit from Co-op Local Community Fund.

The trust are raising funds to support the costs of running education programmes on their farm.

It costs over £1million each year to run their charity and provide educational visits for children and young people.

The farm offers various specialist programmes to help children and young people with learning needs and those struggling with their mental health. They work with primary and secondary age children as well as young adults over sixteen.

Visitors to the farm benefit from a heavily weighted adult to child environment with one on one support from support workers. The farm offers a more vocational approach to education, particularly for those who struggle with exams. The calm farm environment helps young people address their anxiety issues.

If someone becomes a Co-op member they can select to support the farm so that when they buy selected products or services from the Co-op 1% of it will go to local causes like Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, with a further 5% reward for themselves.

Ruth Gage, trust fundraiser at the farm, filled out the application to be considered for the scheme and said: “We rely heavily on fundraising activities and this scheme is a fantastic opportunity for more people to understand who we are and what we do.

“Our main focus is reengaging children and young people with education and helping with their anxiety.”

Ruth explained that lots of people already know about the farm from growing up in Sheffield and visiting as children, particularly on school trips, but the Co-Op fund is helping bring more awareness and opportunities for young people.

For more information about Whirlow Hall Farm Trust visit the website: https://www.whirlowhallfarm.org/

Written by Charlotte Fuller

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