Toilet rolls ‘stolen’ from city’s farm attraction


Dozens of toilet rolls have been stolen from a farm attraction in Sheffield.

Heeley City Farm says in total about 80 rolls were taken by opportunist thieves, who helped themselves in the toilet block.

This may come from the recent panic of the coronavirus as all the food and toilet paper from the shelves are sold out.

Andrew Pearse, works at the publicity and communications manager at Heeley City Farm.

Andrew Pearse, 34, publicity and communications manager at Heeley City Farm said : “We all left work with 80 or 90 toilet rolls in the office last weekend, when we came on the Monday morning, all the toilet rolls were gone.

“The offices are usually locked, it might not be one person, it could be multiple people. They have seen the mass and panic of the coronavirus and they saw the opportunity and went for it.”

He also claimed that they usually used three to four rolls toilet paper during a busy weekend.

“But we are not busy this weekend, and are not holding any music events so we do not have that many visitors to use up all the toilet paper.”

The farm says the thefts will have a “big impact” on users of the farm, with money normally used to help the charity then being spent replenishing stock.

Some related companies decided to donate toilet paper to the farm.

“It is amazing, we feel the communication spirit of society members. Some companies just decided to bring some toilet paper for free tomorrow.”

The farm reiterated a request to visitors to not take toilet rolls home with them.


Written by Xingyu Liang

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