Sheffield city council funds every library with £10.000, after years of austerity and cuts

In total 11 volunteer-run libraries in Sheffield received a grant of £10.000 in 2020. The staff of those libraries will decide how they will provide the capital, in their day-to-day running.

Councillor Mary Lea, of Pinstone Street, cabinet member for Culture, Parks and Leisure said: ”Libraries are absolutely at the heart of every community; the volunteers made an absolute success of their libraries. They have done a tremendous job.

“We come from a place where people have little to spend on luxuries, for their libraries especially, and now they have £10.000 and they can do the things they have been putting off and buy what they were unable to buy until now.”

The council is planning on giving these funds from the New Homes Bonus, which is capital money accumulated for other sectors, turned into revenue.

The councillor adds: “The money will be allocated to each library, the staff know what they need. The council cannot say what they must do with the money. They will decide how they spend it.”

This decision came after a consultation on the future of the libraries in Sheffield which suffered from austerity measures and cuts across the council.

Julie Marshall, a volunteer at Ecclesfield Community Library said: “We are thrilled that Ecclesfield community library will receive an extra £10,000. As a volunteer service we rely on the good will, commitment and dedication of our workers and we welcome this additional funding.

“We will be speaking to our library members and volunteers to help us identify what spending will benefit our service the most. The fund will make a huge difference to our library and will help boost our offer to our local community.”

The money will be available to libraries from April 1, after the new financial year starts.


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Written by Dana Raer

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