SheFest teaches women about the importance of reading maps in living independently as part of the International Women’s Day

The map reading workshop took place on the 11th March. In two hours, women were taught how to navigate parts of Sheffield by using basic map reading skills.


Clare Kelly, 55, owner of Her on the Hill and trainer for the workshop said: “A lot of women are not comfortable walking alone or they might always walk in groups or always walk the same paths. Just a bit of knowledge can open a whole new world.


“It gives people a tremendous independence to be able to take off whenever they want rather than wait for a group to go out.”


SheFest promotes women’s rights, equality being the front runner of every conversation. Above all, it is a week long celebration of the International Women’s day.


Shahed Ezaydi, 25, treasurer for SheFest said: “South Yorkshire didn’t have something like this before. In 2015 I don’t even think there was an international women’s day celebration at all unless the council did something which was very corporate, which excludes a lot of people.


“We’re trying to make sure it’s not international women’s day, that it’s international women’s month.”


This is not the only activity for women this week. Others include a Mary Queen of Scots walking tour, Women for peace workshop, talks with personalities and many more.


The festival started on the March 5th and will continue until Sunday.

Written by Dana Raer

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