Fruit and veg stalls open at hospitals around Sheffield in a bid to get the city eating healthier

The NHS approached businesses, which trade at the Moor Market, before Christmas in order to get some involved in the initiative.

Bingham and Browne, a family run business which is over 60 years old, have set up fruit and veg stalls at both the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, whilst another business run one at the Northern General Hospital.

Kerry Gormanly, who works at the stall at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, said: “Our main aim is to get everyone eating healthier, particularly children. People tend to go for junk food options these days which are really bad for your health.

“The next step is to start going around the wards, particularly at the children’s hospital to get them eating more fruit.”

Sheffield’s Sweet Enough is a campaign run by the City Council and partners. They have been promoting the fruit and veg stalls on their social media. The organisation was founded in order to help local families, food businesses, schools and healthcare professionals tackle the harm caused by eating too much sugar.

The recommended daily sugar limit for adults and children over 11 years old is 30 grams, which is equivalent to half a 500ml bottle of cola.

Sheffield’s Sweet Enough have created a guide to highlight hidden sugars in many foods and suggest healthier alternatives.

Written by Charlotte Fuller

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