Coronavirus: UK set to move to ‘delay phase’ in Cobra meeting today

Boris Johnson will set an emergency COBRA meeting today in response to the Coronavirus.

Johnson will sit with medical experts and ministers in order to discuss a new action plan at around 1:15pm.

This follows concerns after 460 cases were confirmed in the UK – a rise of 46 since Sunday.

The first case of Coronavirus in Sheffield was also confirmed yesterday.

In the meeting, they will discuss calls to shut schools, avoid public transport, cancel sporting events/festivals and force people to work from home.

This urgency has followed as the Coronavirus kills eight people in the UK. The World Health Organisation has declared that the outbreak is now a global pandemic.

Donald Trump has now banned all travel from Europe into the US for 30 days, excluding the UK, in response to the problem.

However, the UK currently has no drastic plans to prevent Coronavirus.

In the meeting, they will discuss shifting from ‘containing’ the deadly disease to simply entering a ‘delay’ phase.

UK citizens with a cold will be urged to stay in quarantine and elderly people will be encouraged to stay indoors and not leave their homes unless necessary.

These ‘social distancing’ measures will be implemented in order to give time to test drugs and push the peak of the outbreak, which is set to happen towards the warmer summer months.

The aim of the measures is to prevent it being transmitted among people inside the country.

COBRA – also referred to as just COBR – stands for the Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms. The meeting will be situated in Downing Street in London, within Cabinet Office buildings.

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