Students Join Forces with Staff on UCU Strikes

Universities across the country are in the second round of strikes this academic year over pensions and pay.

Students too have joined the strike and are joining the staff to continue to pressure the universities.

Esta Norton, 19, a student at the University of Sheffield and one of the main students striking with the lecturers talked to ‘Shefnews’ about how she is getting involved in the strikes and shared her opinions:

The current strikes started on the 20th of February and are not due to finish until the 13th March, following the eight-day action in November and December.

Students are encouraged to carry on attending lectures as normal if that lecturer is not striking.

However, Miss Norton said: “As regards to picket lines, there is no reason to cross them when lectures are recorded and being put online, you can just do them from home and watch them. I don’t see why people are crossing the lines when there’s no reason to.”

An agreement is still yet to be decided with another week of the strikes to go.

Written by Niamh Adams

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