Sheffield Health Expert gives Coronavirus update

The Director of Public in Sheffield reassured locals yesterday that Sheffield will be following the Government plans to fight the virus.

Speaking at a local council meeting, the Director of Public Health, Greg Fell, said: “In Sheffield, this winter has been particularly mild in both flu severity and weather. This means that our local NHS is in pretty good shape at the moment. This is due to the hard work of NHS staff over the Winter period.”

He also described the Government’s plan as, “Excellent. It’s short, it’s strategic, it’s sensible and it’s pragmatic.”

It has been announced today that Sheffield and the rest of the UK are moving towards the delay phase of the national Coronavirus plan, which aims to keep the number of cases as low as possible until the early Spring.

The first case in South Yorkshire could be confirmed later today as a patient in Barnsley is being tested for the virus. Cases in York and Hull have also been confirmed in the last few days.

There are currently two people being treated in Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital, with more potentially being treated in the hospital’s infectious disease unit.

Mr. Fell also said that the currently existing Sheffield pandemic and flu plan, whilst not being entirely applicable to the oncoming virus, is “mostly fit for purpose.”

Sheffield Health plans to strictly follow the national strategy and guidelines to manage the virus.

Earlier today Chief Medical Adviser, Prof. Chris Whitty announced to MPs that the country is now in the “delay” phase to slow the spread of the virus.

The UK has now reached 90 total cases, with the number of countries affected increasing daily. The virus has not yet been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, but are expected to soon.

The symptoms of the virus similar to those of a common cold or flu. If you feel like you have the Coronavirus do not visit your GP and instead, call 111. For more information visit

Written by Harry Cottle

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