SheFest: A 10 day feminist event

A 10 day feminist event will be held in Sheffield this weekend for the fifth year running.

Starting on the 5th of March, SheFest will hold several workshops, activities, free events and performances. The event will also feature celebrity guests, including Sofie Hagen, Munroe Bergdorf and Katie Portman.

Events will focus on a range of topics, from body positivity to the struggles transgenders face. The event aims to be for everyone, including women in AI and sports.

“What SheFest represents is celebrating and promoting gender equality” said Hallam student Daisy Bradford, 22.

Ms Bradford only joined the team this year, but says that the event has grown by 900% since 2016. She is hopeful next years SheFest will be even bigger.

“We want to reach people in Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley, not just Sheffield.” Said Ms Bradford.

“We want to make SheFest the northern capital for International Women’s Day.” She added.

“The event i’m most looking forward to is Munroe Bergdorf, it’s something different and unique and very topical, it’s something we need to keep talking about.” Said Ms Bradford.

SheFest was created after it’s co-founders saw a gap in the community for events for women. This led them to make a one-day festival focusing on women, but welcome to everyone.

It is now run by 12 local female volunteers, who meet every week after their day to day jobs, to try and organise events that are suited to all women.

Ms Bradford explains that not a huge amount of men turn up.

“Maybe it’s because they feel put off, but events are for gender equality so we do have events for men.” She said.

“SheFest is for gender equality, everyone is welcome, not just women, because that is not gender equality then.” She added.

Written by Namitha Ragunath

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