MPs pay rise takes basic salary to £82k

MPs are set to earn a 3.1% pay rise, taking the basic salary for MPs to £81,932.

The increase is effective from 1 April, and is an increase of £2,464 from £79,468.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) have raised MPs wages following a decision in 2015 to raise MPs pay at the same rate as changes in public sector earnings.

Richard Lloyd, IPSA interim chairman, said: “Demands on MPs’ offices are high. Staff are doing difficult and stressful casework with constituents on a very wide range of problems. 

There is often high staff turnover, with salary levels below comparable roles elsewhere. In many MPs’ offices, relatively little time or money is spent on staff training, wellbeing and development.

“As a result, we have provided additional funding for staff training and welfare, security, and changes to the salary bands and job descriptions for MPs’ staff to bring them into line with the jobs they actually do. 

MPs were already in the top five percent of earners prior to the pay rise. Politicians who hold more prestigious positions, such as ministers and chairs of select committees, typically receive more than this basic salary.

Speaking in 2015, after MPs salaries were increased to £74,000, Paul Blomfield, Labour MP for Sheffield Central, said: “I urged IPSA not to implement these proposals. It is unacceptable when other public sector pay is being held down, and will further undermine confidence in democratic politics.”

Written by George Dean

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