Adult learning group starts a crowd funder to setup community café and sensory allotment


The Manor Training & Resource Centre hopes to raise £1,500 by 22 April to reduce social isolation and improve health and well-being in Sheffield. 

This space, in Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield will give children and adults with autism and mental health issues the opportunity to grow their own produce, cook and eat together.

Nicky Jowitt, centre manager, came up with the idea as she has two children with ASD. She said: “I feel there aren’t many things for autistic people to do after they finish school in this area, so I just want to bridge a gap and give them an opportunity to work.”

“The project is not only focused on people with mental health issues, though. We want to bring the community together. It’s sad that everything is online now, so I just want to help people to build real friendships”.

This project will create volunteer opportunities with optional qualifications to do the garden. The organization will give training to everyone interested in volunteering.

Kay Catling, Communications and Buildings Officer, said they plan to plant their own vegetables and then sell them in their community café, which is open to everyone.

She added: “We just want to give back to the community by providing meals made with food we produce locally.”

The project will be eco-friendly and will up-cycle and recycle unwanted items where possible and appropriate.

MaTReC already bought the premises for the space in November last year, but these are in bad conditions, which is why they are asking for donations.

You can follow this link to make a donation:

Written by Ines Santos

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