What would European football mean for Sheffield United?

Sheffield United’s hopes of European football are looking increasingly realistic. 

If Manchester City’s expulsion from UEFA competitions stands, Sheffield United’s current 5th place position would be enough for them to qualify for the Champions league.

Assuming the earnings from last year’s competition remain the same United could be set to earn £12.7 million with qualification alone.

With current reports indicating Chris Wilder is set to be given a £20 million budget for next season, a Champions League run could provide a welcome boost in spending power.

This would also be the first time United have qualified for a senior European competition in their history, a prospect which has excited the club’s fans. 

Lifelong supporter Jake Beanland said: “I’ve seen a lot of people saying that we will get found out but having watched football under Wilder for four years now I think we can genuinely challenge in Europe.

“You see people saying that it’ll ruin our football next year but I think it’ll have a good effect on us. The whole feel of the club is that everyone puts 110 per cent in and it’ll help us attract better players.”

If United miss out on Champions league football they could still qualify for Europe with a finish as low as 8th place, provided Manchester City win the league cup and the winner of the FA cup has already qualified.

United fan Yaroslav Matveev said: “I feel confident that we can get sixth place and qualify for the Europa league. Of course it’s possible that 6th place may go to the Champions League but I believe in the Europa League.”

Though United will want European football to crown what has been a remarkable season back in the premier league, many fans are already amazed with what they’ve achieved this campaign.

On Twitter, @AliceinSheff said: “Most of our fans didn’t believe until last week that we were safe in the premiership and now we have a chance of a champions league place it’s absolutely baffling.

“It would certainly go down as the most memorable and impressive season in memory.”

Image by NeedPix.com

Written by Ben Bruce

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