University anti-racism campaign finally gets the go-ahead

A new society to fight against racism has finally been given the go-ahead after a battle from students to prove it was needed.

The University of Sheffield Students Union  launched  “Stand Up To Racism” today.

Saomai, one of the founding members of the society, said: “I just want to create a platform where anyone can come along and feel free to discuss ideas whilst combating the pressing issues that we are faced with.”

Joshua, president, said :”We first applied to start this society in February but got rejected. Some believed there was no need for this new society as there’re already BME, Black & minority ethnic students’ committee, Jewish Society . But we finally received approval earlier in May after convincing them there was a need.”

Joe, 19, from University of Sheffield talked about how Generation Identity movement has helped make up his mind to launch this society.

Generation Identity is a far-right group who thinks that British people are being replaced by non-British and they have been putting stickers around campus. Joe and his friends once found 15-20 of them and spent a while ripping them off.

Joe said: “It’s scary how close they’re getting to us and we just have to do something. You think how diverse the city is, how many different ethnicities are living in Britain but at the same time, people like them are walking pass putting stickers up. It’s just appalling. ”

Tom, a first-year history and politics student at University of Sheffield, said: “I have always been interested in politics but had never placed myself at the forefront of a movement. This society has allowed me to engage with political discussion in a way I thought I wouldn’t be able to due to my own personal doubts about sharing my opinions. ”

The first meeting is at 5pm today at the University Arms.

Written by Ying Hu

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