Yellow Arch Studios to hold ‘fundraver’ to raise money for Sheffield’s Peace in the Park festival

Yellow Arch Studios are hosting a ‘fundraver’ on Saturday 7 April to help raise money towards Sheffield’s Peace in the Park festival.

The festival, which has taken place every year since 2003, aims to promote peace and understanding by bringing the Sheffield communities together through art, music and poetry.

However, it is currently struggling to reach their financial target that helps pay for its organisation and infrastructure.

According to their website, they have so far only raised £2,000 of their £30,000 goal.

To tackle the financial problem, Yellow Arch Studios have gathered promoters and DJs across Sheffield to put on a celebration of local underground music.

The ‘fundraver’ aspires to match the spirit of Peace in the Park by highlighting the power of peace and the diversity of Sheffield’s communities.

Ellie Clowes, who is DJing at the night said: “I think it struggles because I don’t think people realise how much it actually costs.

“But hopefully with the ‘fundraver’ we can really put that message across and raise as much money as possible to help the festival’s long lived future.”

The event will take place on Saturday 7 April and the DJs and organisers have high hopes that it will be a fantastic night.

Written by Leah Fox

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