John’s Van is still serving food despite the freezing weather conditions.

The fast food van is well known amongst students and workers for the £2 bacon roll and coffee deal.


Jez Dean, 38, is the man behind the van. His father, John Dean, started the company 32 years ago.


Located outside of the Hicks building, it is always open every weekday from around 6am until 1pm.


Mr Dean said, “I am fortunate enough to have a huge 4×4 truck to get my van here, otherwise I’d be a bit stuck really.”


“I am absolutely freezing though. I’m wearing 10 layers and it’s still freezing in here.”


The weather has meant that the area is a much less busy than usual. John said, “That is the real issue. With no one about trade has been down a lot.”


“Not only that but cooking is a bugger. The oil is spraying all over the place and the eggs are spurting all over me.”


“I actually struggle leaving the van because the door freezes up so I have to boot it open.”


Other cafés and restaurants around Sheffield have closed due to the heavy snow but one place you can always rely on is John’s Van.

Written by Benjamin Kempton

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