The city of Sheffield takes on a #ReusableRevolution

Sheffield Students’ Union have launched another campaign against single-use plastic to boycott the disposable coffee cup.

Many shops in Sheffield have also taken a stand against plastic to initiate a reusable revolution and reduce Sheffield’s plastic footprint.

The Campus Cup scheme, started this week at Sheffield’s Students Union, aims to save waste and money when students purchase hot drinks across campus by offering discount to those who opt in to using the reusable take away cups.

Refillable cleaning products, zero waste whole foods and ethical toiletries such as the moon cup are also on offer at the Students’ Union shop.

Meg McGrath, Development Officer who initiated the scheme said: “We must take a stand and boycott single use plastics. We must place pressure upon manufactures to move to recycled or biodegradable alternatives. We must initiate a #ReusableRevolution.

By opting for plastic free options, buying in bulk and opting for reusables; you can significantly help our planet.”

Bar One Sheffield has eliminated plastic straws and introduced a green, biodegradable replaceable and Costa Coffee in Sheffield offers customers 25p off any hot or cold handcrafted drink when served in a reusable cup.

Will Knight from New Roots, a not-for-profit shop on Glossop Road, said: “New Roots believes a push towards more sustainable forms of consumerism is a key part of reducing the carbon foot print of shipping, selling and buying fruit and veg and other wholefoods.”

Christopher Baldwin, co-director of Beanies Wholefoods, a greengrocer on Crookes Valley Road said: “Plastic is not going to go away, and pollution is certainly a global problem, but we believe the solution lies as much with us as individuals addressing our own relationship with plastic and adjusting our behaviour where we can, as well as bringing pressure to bear on producers and manufacturers.

Plastic pollution is a global problem that is not going to go away, awareness of the problem is the first step. We are looking to turn awareness into positive action.”


Written by Abbie Smyth

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