Sheffield families are paying less for childcare services than other cities in the UK

Figures shown on reveal that Sheffield families pay less than the average UK family for childcare services.

Sheffield parents will pay approximately £6.28 per hour across all childcare services, including day nurseries, nannies and babysitting. This is almost 13% lower than the national average of £7.16 per hour.

By using the online price comparison tool on it is clear to see that nannies are the most expensive form of childcare in Sheffield at £8.71 per hour, however it also shows that nationwide the average family will pay 87p more than that at £9.56 per hour.

This means that in Sheffield, childcare is more than 10% cheaper than any other city in the UK.

Day nurseries in Sheffield cost on average £4.19 per hour, however parents in other cities pay an hourly rate of £5.60 meaning Sheffield day nurseries are 12% cheaper than any other UK city.

Deborah Thorne, the Early Days manager at Children 1st nursery on Scotland road in Sheffield, said: “I’m quite surprised, there’s lots of providers out here and we get the same subsidies help from the government as everybody else.”

Children 1st was recently named one of the most recommended day nurseries in the UK.

For those parents living in the capital, childcare would cost 35% more per hour than it would in Sheffield. This means that those with a Sheffield postcode pay around £2.17 less for every hour of childcare than those parents living in London.


Written by Laura Nuttall

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