New university building to create hundreds of new jobs in Sheffield

A new landmark building at the University of Sheffield is going to create hundreds of new jobs in the city.

Plans were submitted by the university earlier this month for the construction of a new building for their Faculty of Social Sciences, and the project could end up creating loads of new job opportunities both during construction, and when the project is complete.

Laura Carr, Faculty Estates Development Manager at the University of Sheffield, believes that as well giving the university a huge boost, the project can have a major impact on the city as a whole, she said:

“It is estimated that the project will create around 220 jobs per year during the construction periods with close to 100 more supported in the Sheffield City Region each year by indirect and induced effects.

“In total, the new building, its students and their visitors are expected to create an economic footprint for the Sheffield City Region worth some £84.9million in during its first year of operation in 2020.”

Between 2013 and 2015, The Diamond Building – the University of Sheffield’s largest ever investment in teaching and learning – was built costing £81million, however Ms Carr believes the new project can offer something even better, she said:

“The new social sciences building is a large scheme and it is something that has not been done at the university for a number of years; whilst The Diamond is also a large scheme, the new social sciences building is unique.”

The University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences is a massive faculty, with over 9,000 registered students it accounts for 33% of the university’s total population, also employing over 1,000 staff members, however it is currently located across 19 different locations.

According to Ms Carr, “the new social sciences building will provide growth space of up to 30% of academic staff for the six departments relocating to this area with a forecasted increase of 38% of total students by 2025.”

“Consolidating the departments in this area releases space in other areas of campus that will enable other academic faculties to grow.”

The current programme anticipates that work will begin on site in December of this year, will be located on Northumberland Road.

Planners are hoping to complete the project before the summer of 2020.

Written by Jake Lane

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