Metropolitan festival Outlines to put Sheffield on the map

As Sheffield’s Outlines reaches its second year, the desire for metropolitan festivals is increasing according to local event organisers.

Outlines festival is a two-day metropolitan festival set up by the people behind Sheffield’s famous ‘Tramlines’ festival that will take place on March 3 and 4.

The lineup includes international acts such as: Jagwar Ma, The Selecter and Slow Club, and also a lot of local acts such as Kong, The SSS and Sheafs.

Unlike traditional camping festivals, metropolitan festivals take place throughout a city in various local venues, and often will include after parties and clubbing.

The venues for Outlines include: The Leadmill, Queens Social Club, Plug and The Harley.

According to Elyse Peacock, a brand manager at The Leadmill, one of the festivals venues, Metropolitan festivals have become a great way for cities to support local nightlife, clubbing and musical identity.

Daniel Hunie who runs HUNIE Presents, a local event organiser providing lots of popular events in the city, said: “We have to keep pushing forward with music and support new things in Sheffield, especially local talent.

He added: “Festivals and venues such as The Night Kitchen keep music lovers interested, as long as we deliver quality bookings Sheffield will keep growing bigger and better and having Tramlines in summer and Outlines in winter couldn’t be any better.”

Outlines festival as a metropolitan event is helping put Sheffield’s music scene on the agenda. Hunie said: “Music lovers are spoilt for choice and are coming from far and wide into the city to attend events, which can only be a good thing for Sheffield and its musical reputation.

Sheffield right now is very much on the map.”

Ms Peacock spoke also of the financial benefits that metropolitan festivals like Outlines bring to the city.

She said: “Local businesses from restaurants, hotels and bars all benefit from Metropolitan festivals – which wouldn’t at a purpose built festival site. Helping the money stay within the city of the location of the festival.”

These event organisers believe that although they do not have the status of traditional festivals yet, there is definitely a future for metropolitan festivals, and in Sheffield Outlines and Tramlines are a key part of the city’s cultural identity.


Written by Michael Thomas

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